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Write a Powerful Mission and Vision Statement

I will write a powerful mission- and vision statement, a slogan and 3 values – 350 words.

The mission and vision statement are essential for every serious organization. You will be able to inform stakeholders, employees and customers of your purpose, direction and intentions.

With 10+ experience, I know how to write a powerful mission- and vision statement that gives your organization the clear voice it needs. With my statements you will be able to establish your brand identity to the public and internally provide a compass for decision making.

My services will be authentic, professional and accurate, writing your:

Mission – What you are dedicated to doing.Vision – The ultimate goal you work towards.Values – The essentials that are part of every step you take.Tagline – A catchy line that gives your profile more character!

A professional About Us page can also be written to provide even more depth on your history and activities.

The content can be customized for any platform, including your:

About us pageBiographyBio

Executive summarySocial media pages (Facebook, twitter etc.)Website


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