Will Give You Ultimate Guide to Blogger Platform SEO




Will Give You Ultimate Guide to Blogger Platform

Hello! Do you want to know more in blogging, start your blogging career and start making money from genuine online platforms?


Are you a contents writer, online publisher, blogger, and you need a means to publish your contents or ideas?

Then this e-book on blogger platform is for you.

This is not a story book. This is a great e-book with 100 percent practical.

This e-book on blogger platform contains the following information:

#How to Set up Your Own Blog

#How to Create a Post OR a New Post

#How to Insert Links into Blog Posts

#How to Change the Font Size, Colour, etc

#How to Add Image to Your Blog Post

#How to Set the Settings

#How to Customize Your Blog

#How to Modify or Customize the Blog Theme

#How to Make Changes in “Edit Html”

#How to Locate a Specific Code in “Edit Html”

#How to Install a New Blogger Theme

#How to Activate Blogger Mobile Theme

#How to Create Navigation Tabs, eg. About Me, Contacts

#How to Let Your Tabs Point to a Label(Category)

#How to Make Money with Your Blog Through Google Adsense

#How to Set Up Your Google Adsense Account #How to Monetize Your Blog

#How to Get Traffic to Your Blog

Hurry up to get your copy…


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