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The Ultimate YouTube SEO – Easily Rank Your Videos


– Get Your Ultimate YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet (everything you need to know about ranking your youtube videos high in the search results) Before I Pull The Price Up!

As the saying goes: “you only get one chance to make a first impression”, and this is especially true with your videos. Before anyone watches your video, they?l make a judgement on whether it? worth their time based on your video title.

This is your first (and often the last) interaction a viewer will have with your video, so make it count. While there are many formulas for creating click worthy titles, here are some good rules of thumb

?Keep them short and to the point – Less than 10 words is ideal:e.g. How To Be A Social Media Expert

?Use numbers if you can:e.g. 6 Ways To Become A Social Media Expert

?Include a specific benefit:e.g. Triple Your Sales With These Simple Social Media Hacks

?Add your keyword:Putting your keyword in the title is a great thing to do and can help a lot, however contrary to common belief it isn? critical.

Remember optimizing for your viewers interest is your primary goal here, so if you have a killer title that doesn? work with your keyword, don? include it, there are some other places where you can work your keywords in.That said if you can work your main keyword in without detracting from the message, definitely do it.

The Ultimate YouTube SEO – Easily Rank Your Videos Is Everything You Will Need To Get The Ball Rolling! Don’t skip any text even if you think: “hey, I know this”, it really doesn’t matter at all if your not gonna read the whole thing and stick to the formula presented to you.

– You must be a doer in order to make it through the competition and listen to each and every single point presented to you in this Ultimate YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet.


How to write killer titlesHow to write SEO friendly descriptions (not long spammy ones or short crappy ones, we’re talking the real ones)How to properly TAG your YouTube videosHow to make your YouTube Thumbnails Stand Out Of The Crowd (Looks Does Really Matter)Transcribing Your Uploaded YouTube VideoAnd so much more to learn in this YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet, Which you can check out ordering this gig.

Just don’t wait for the perfect moment, take action immediately and I am sure you’ll find out what I am talking about very shortly!

I will see you on the other side,

Nesim and the SEO Team


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