Provide you 15 Expired Tumblr Blogs SEO




Provide you 15 Expired Tumblr Blogs

We will find High Authority Expired Tumblr PA 40+

Having a Quality Tumblr Link will pass an enormous amount of Link Juice to your domain..

We are Proving 3 Packages:

1. Basic: We will provide you 15 Unregistered tumblr Accounts PA 40+. Means we will send you 10 usernames to registered for 5. You will register those accounts ASAP, otherwise it’s will be taken because many people searching for expired accounts.

2. Standard: We will provide you 10 registered expired tumblr blogs PA 40+ for 15.

3. Premium: We will provide you 10 Registered Expired Tumblr PA 40+ and also we will customize and publish an article in each account for 35.

We will send detail report in an excel sheet. The excel sheet will contain

Accounts linksPADAMOZ RankBacklinks

Login credentialsWe will use Premium and different IP’s for creating each account.

If you have any question feel free to contact us.


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