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PHP Encoder & Obfuscator files

PHP source-code Encoder & Obfuscator for 100% pure PHP Code. (this encoder its privet we make that its not publish and there is no decoder for that)Price is negotiable according to quantity

With this encoder script you can make your PHP source code unreadable for normal people but the skript will still work on your webserver. This is very useful when you give a script to someone but you don? want them to view your php source code.

Secure your PHP scriptsEasy to use encoding interfaceVery well documentedand much more?his script is a PHP source-code encoder and obfuscator. It provides anti-theft protection for your scripts and functions by allowing you to encode, obfuscate, compress, scramble,domain lock and encrypt your php source code. This Encoder use to protect your code from reverse engineering and modification.


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