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Launch a Crowdfunding Campaign

What People Need To Know About Coronavirus (COVID-19)? With this service we will make your Crowdfunding on Covid-19 go viral. There are many topics that today need to get up on the agenda and sources for them all are kind of limited, threfore we started this information sharing. Your campaign can be about everything, we will handle it out. For to name some of the more emerging knowledge and “know-how” thought workshop and information sharing much in the official debate regarding Covid-19 is about emergency care capacity, Covid-19 testing, vaccine development, eldercare, impact, security, logistics, protection and more. A well researched article about a special state of the development in the Corona virus (COVID-19). Articles talking about the benefits of well community organized regional preparedness to fullfil the need for respirators, ER doctors and nurces (it is good to have backup), and other protection and material. It is also important to have transports, test laboratories and some certification system for the people who have had the virus and now are resistant, and other resources ready for the outbreak wherever it happens.

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