I will write top amazon listing and SEO product descriptions. SEO




I will write top amazon listing and SEO product descriptions.

People spend an average of 6 seconds reading and deciding ifthey want your product. When they read your product list, 5 tabs with competing

products are already open. Ready to be the first choice on your Amazon listing?

Selling your product depends on how the product description is written.?et me tell you how to pick your product first in my writingstyle!?????ye-opening SEO headlines (attracts customers toclick products)????? facility-based bullet points that will attractthe customer to click.?????atched Keyword Research?????op Search Terms, ( To rank your listing like apro )

Every product description comes with:Listing picture guideSocial media strategyInstructions to upload FREE ConsultingUnlimited RevisionsWhy us? Get access to real e-commerce writers and professionals.?nlimited RevisionsMake the best investment in your seo product listing rightnow!?ull Keyword Research SEO Title 3 Benefit Bullets HTMLDescription Back-end Keywords1 Product Description? Title Included (PerProduct)? BulletpointIncluded (Per Product)4 200 Words Included (Per product) Up to 5 Focus Words Competitor Research HTML Title

What do you need from me to get started??

I tell my clients that a great product description is likebaking a cake: the better the ingredients, the better the finished product.

Amazon URLs to your product work best, but if you do not have one handy, any

and all details about your product will help, as will images.

?hy are you the right person for this job?

I?e helped many people like you not only with a good list,but also with top-level mentors to succeed in their entrepreneurial Amazon

journey. You need all the tools to succeed in this business and I have them

ready for you.

How many words will you write in my amazon product listing?

? am writing in thecustomer’s best interest. I will not cut my client’s wings if I see the chance

to make a better description that exceeds the words in the selected amazon

listing package. If I see an opportunity for 1000 words, I will do it. If 100

is more than enough, I will do only 100.

Do you work with a team?

Yes, I wouldn’t be able to come this far without my team! Iwork with native creative english teachers and an ex Amazon employee! We are

all here to help you!

How fast can you deliver my listing?

?s fast as you needit. If we don’t have many Amazon listings in the queue, we can deliver in 24h.

*Can you write a free sample for me / give me free advice /give me a free consultation?


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