I will create 20 super web 2 0 blog with login for contextual backlinks SEO




I will create 20 super web 2 0 blog with login for contextual backlinks

About This Services:Manually created super web 2.0 blogs (no bot/software)1 manually spun 500+ words niche related article on each web2 (for better relevancy)Relevant images will be used in the content (whenever possible)About, contact and privacy policy pages for each blog (where ever possible)Populate the blog with relevant contents like infographics, images and quotes (filler content)Natural outbound linking to authority sites (so it looks natural)White label excel report with live links and logins (mail, username and password)


Web 2.0s work well because you are piggybackink of their authority along with trust. Besides the authority you’re also obtaining very excellent relevant backlink. Extremely safe technique because you are not getting a large number of links directly to your site but quality contextual backlinks from high DA Web 2 properties with contents related to your niche.

IF YOU NEED HANDWRITTEN ARTICLES – I will send you a custom order.

If you have any questions about this gig please message me to discuss before placing your order.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details


What is a Super Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 becomes “super” if you make many pages and provide it the look of a legitimate blog site.

Are They Safe?


How we build Super Web 2.0-Create the Blogs

-Create 100% Unique Article -Populate with relevant content (Pictures,Quotes,Infographics,Write Actual Article) -Place anchor text

Can I get samples?

Yes, message me to get sample links.

Articles are not good enough, why?

Because we use manually spun articles. If you need handwritten articles, please message me for a custom offer.

Do you accept porn, gambling, and illegal websites?

Sorry, we don’t accept porn, gambling, or any illegal sites.

How should I structure my content for SEO?

Your content should be nicely structured and easy to read. Use paragraphs and a friendly language. Communicate with your readers instead of writing plain text (you are not Wikipedia). Where possible, use bullets and numbered lists.


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