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Highlight your Service

Purchase this service to promote your own services on EZSEO for one Month (31 days). This service will highlight your listing everywhere on EZSEO which means more exposure and more sales.

How this Works

Those that have purchased will be elevated into a highlight status mode. Your service will always contain a light-gray background and a bottom border that is different from other services in all listings on EZSEO. This will ensure that your service is spotted

Why would I order this?

More Exposure – More people will see your service

Increased Sales – Having more people see your service means more people will order it.

Before you Order

Before you order you should consider…

Having a clear, meaningful description. 3 Paragraphs or more with 3 sentences each seems to work well.

Use Bold, Italics and other text formatting in your description to highlight points much like has been done in this Service.

Clearly state how your service will help webmasters

Clearly state what you will provide when completed

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