Fix, Recover & Secure your Hacked WordPress Website SEO




Fix, Recover & Secure your Hacked WordPress Website

Is your WordPress Site Hacked?

Don’t worry dear, you came to the right place. I am here to help you to recover your Hacked WordPress Website easily.

Come to inbox before placing the Order.How your WordPress Site got Hacked?

There were many reasons behind your WordPress site could be hacked, here are some below:

1. Insecure Web Hosting

2. Using Weak Passwords

3. Unprotected Access to WordPress Admin (wp-admin Directory)

4. Incorrect File Permissions

5. Not Updating WordPress (Core)

6. Not Updating Plugins or Theme

7. Using Plain FTP instead of SFTP/SSH

8. Using Admin as WordPress Username

9. Nulled Themes and Plugins

10. Not Securing WordPress Configuration wp-config.php File

11. Not Changing WordPress Table Prefix

I will fix all these above issues on your WordPress website, so in future, your WordPress website may not be hacked again.

What all I do with your WordPress Website to Fix it.

Remove all injected code by hackersRemove malware & spam & virusesRecover Admin access from a hackerClean Malicious code or Phishing scriptsRemove Unwanted popupFix spam redirect loopFixing Google Hacked WarningRemove WordPress Website From Google BlacklistFixing browser Red warningFind out spammy contents and codesFixing Japanese Keyword HackedProtect your WordPress directory accessFix Permission of all files & foldersSecure your WordPress wp-config.phpWill change your WordPress table default prefixChange if ‘admin’ user exists in your WordPressUpdate WordPress core files, theme, and pluginsChange your admin login weak password with a secure & strong passwordSecure & Fix .htaccess file issue

Why you choose us?

1. 5+ Years Experience in WordPress

2. 100+ Website Recovered & Fixed

3. Quick Delivery available

4. Level 3 Seller

5. 100% Risk-Free

I can also install SSL on your WordPress website if required, Please choose my other services:

Install SSL on your Website

Install WordPress on your Hosting

Please check our Extras also. Thanks for Order!!


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