DUB your video INTO ANY LANGUAGE, reach your target audience SEO




DUB your video INTO ANY LANGUAGE, reach your target audience!!

English may have become the default lingua franca of many facets of the Web, but the fact remains that most people online speak a language other than English as their native tongue. Have you video dubbed by my service and reach an audience world wide in their own native tongue.

65 million people in the US speak a second language alone!! Thats 20% of the entire population of the US and a number equal to the entire population of the United Kingdom. Why let an client audience the size of the UK slip by untapped?

I will translate up to 1 minute of video. If you video is longer then 1 minute then see gig extras.

I will also add up to 3 pieces of info to the video if you like such as url, email, phone, address etc.

Here is an example for you of voiceovers

Original English Language Video

Dubbed into Chinese

Dubbed into Spanish

Dubbed into French

I will provide the video to you in any of the following languages:

Arabic (female translator only)

Chinese (female translator only)

Danish (female/male translators)

Dutch (female translator only)

Australian accent (female translator only)

British Accent (female/male translators)

Indian accent (female translator only)

English US accent (female/male translators)

English Welsh accent (Male translator only)

French male (female translator only)

German male (female translator only)

Hindi (female translator only)

Icelandic (female/male translators)

Italian (female/male translators)

Japanese (female/male translators)

Korean (female translator only)

Norwegian (female translator only)

Polish (female/male translators)

Portuguese (female/male translators)

Romanian (female translator only)

Russian (female/male translators)

Spanish (female/male translators)

Turkish (female translator only)

Please note: I offer translation services for all niches and have videos for most, or you can provide your own video for translation when you place order.


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