Do A SEO Website Audit And Provide A Marketing Plan SEO



Do A SEO Website Audit And Provide A Marketing Plan

I will perform a SEO website audit of your entire site up to 5k pages. In this website audit, I will provide you with detailed analysis and instructions on how to fix the errors which are preventing you from getting to the top of SERP. You will also receive a marketing plan that is tailored to your specific website for optimization.

Extensive site investigation will recognize every one of the elements that may hinder your site from achieving the top position. Without this examination, site advancement is essentially incomprehensible and the constructive outcome will be diminished. Your full analysis report will cover all the information that you will need to optimize your website.

Please see the addons for additional reports and bonuses.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I am more than happy to answer them all.


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