Create your automated scraping bot or do scraping for you SEO




Create your automated scraping bot or do scraping for you

This service present all my scraping and automation services all in one ,you will fnd all your needs here.Data scraping: you just need to define from which source you need extract data and which data to scrape and which data structure or format of the delivered work after done. We support: json,xml,excel,csv and much more. Scraping Bot development: If you need a bot that will do the work for you without need to hire someone to scrape data for you from a page or source, i can develop a bot for you foreach source and then you can scrape unlimted pages form each source using the bot.Bot hosting: this is an additional service to host your bots without limit and I will give you access to manage and use all of them at once using an administration dashboard. For each new developed bot, hosting and dashboard integration will be free.

Automation/Connectors: if you need to connect your bot to your website for expamle and automatically post content basing on scraped data or do any automated work using the data extracted with bots.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for all your questions.



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