create SEO high pr 9 edu/gov Backlink Pyramid SEO




create SEO high pr 9 edu/gov Backlink Pyramid

This articles are scrapped and are related to your keywords! We also scrap related suggestions and mix it up with your primary for perfect diversity! They are related and you are not getting over saturated. This all gost to HIGH PR, EDU, GOV, DO FOLLOW wikis for level 1 l!nks. You will get 500+ backl!nks from this tier 1!!! ### TIER 2 of the Backlink Pyramid ### On Level 2 we use the pages created on level 1 and l!nkjuic3 them with any mediawikis with PR >= 1 If you request we PING everything, but have in mind that naturally crawled pages have better rankings. It is up to you what do you want to get pinged, everything, level 1, level 2 or nothing. And you get 6000+ backlinks for this level 2! NO ONE offers better wiki pyramid than us! Our methods are 100% PENGUIN and PANDA SAFE. Buffer sites, keywords diversity, contextual links and other secret ingredients we use!!!


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