Audiomack 5,000 play for any song SEO




Audiomack 5,000 play for any song

Get 5,000 play + 10 favorites & 10 reups + random 20-40 playlist for 3 Only

Example if you add extra services 10,000 play + free organic favorites, reups, playlist

Total you receive 15,000 play & organic favorites, reups, playlist.

Accepted Any Song,Genre, Single, Album, Playlist, Podcast

New Update 6.8.2019 Accepted Now 1 Single Song Or Split

You Can Submit 1 Url link Or 5 Link maximum Per Order for Single Song

For Album you can submit 1 ur link per order, for playlist you can submit 1 playlist per order, maximum at 6 track less

For Single OR Album You Can Submit 1 Link or Split 5 Link Per Order

If You Add Extra Services See Drop Down, You can submit any url link

if u add extra -10k play – you can submit – 1 Link or 5 Link Maximum

For -20k play 1 link or 10 link,

-50k – 100k 1 link or 20 link

-100k + you can submit unlimited link split

Accepted Playlist But Maximum Track for playlist is 12 track or less Per Order

playlist will receive 5,000 play & not 5k each track in playlist

If You Order Extra Services See Drop Down

* 10k play maximum of 20 track in playlist – 1 playlist or split 2 playlist – total 24 track in 1 playlist

* 20k play maximum of 40 track in playlist – 1 playlist or split 3 playlist

* For 50k up to 200k play you can submit unlimited Track in playlist, or split a playlist up to 5 playlist

(Note) Once You Submit A Playlist You Cannot Add another if the order has been receive and started

playlist accepted but maximum track is 12 or less

this will be update soon.. discount are valid for new affiliate register!

Top listener u.s.a, uk, canada, & other

Most Are U.S.A

Possible your album or single get top chart rank week!!!

get increase your rank stat into lowest number

get more play buy and then

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