5000 Web Traffic Visitors Deal With FREE Bonus SEO




5000 Web Traffic Visitors Deal With FREE Bonus

One of the best deals around! Get 5000 hits to your link in any time frame you choose (1000 visits per day for 5 days, 2500 per day for 2 days, etc)

All the visits are worldwide, but most are usually from USA, and come from the Hitleap surf traffic exchange, so whatever link you use should be TE friendly (Adfly, for example, does NOT accept this kind of traffic.)

– Traffic is generated from traffic exchange site (NOT bot software)

– Trackable in GoogleAnalytics and most 3rd party trackers you prefer.

– Delivery can be set to your choice of time frame (to a max of 12000 hits PER DAY if ordering the extras)

– Helps improve Alexa rank

– Visit length is 10 seconds with 100% bounce rate

– NO sales or signups should be expected, as this kind of traffic is used for other reasons (ex. make your site look busy for flipping, make money with PTP using cpm campaigns, etc.)

NO adult sites or anything with popups allowed!!! Since not all programs will accept traffic exchange visitors, it is YOUR responsibility to check the terms of any third party site you use to see if they accept TE visits, especially if you plan to earn with link shorteners with CPM.

IMPORTANT!!! If you wish to use a shortened tracking link such as Goo.gl or Bit.ly then provide me with that link at the time of placing the order. Otherwise I will add the url as you have given it to me, as some buyers want direct website visits while others prefer analytics.

FREE BONUS: Want to hide the Hitleap TE as the referring site in your stats? I will give you a script code that you can add to your own site that will show ANY site you choose as your referrer! Want to look like you’re getting visits from Google, Pinterest, etc, to make your site look “clean” (whitehat traffic) to your affiliate network manager? This short code will do that!

NOTE: My traffic inventory slots are limited, so this will be marked as SOLD OUT once they’re all gone. Get it while you can!

UPDATE! Hitleap now offers direct source hits, so they no longer show in your referring stats as the referring website. Even BETTER!!!

See the extras below for more cheapy hits!

Enjoy your day!


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