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Press Release, is a form of communication for submitting news and information for all such as: business, enterprises and even individuals wanting to reach a large or targeted audience.

We will distribute your press release(400 words) to 15 PR distribution networks..

>>> Our team is always ready to serve you quality service.

>>> Feel free to ask for sample report before order..

>>> Sites we use news.scoopasia, etc.

>>> Contextual-Non contextual mixture links.

>>> Report within 24 Hours.

Our Requirements:

All Field are mandatory. If any filed missing we will be unable to start the order.

1. Website URL

2. Keywords

3. Press Release Title (Within 10 to 12 words)

4. Summary (25 to 30 words)

5. Press Release Content (within 300 to 400 words) – English

Note 1: We need within 300 to 400 words Press release content to start this order. (Only English)
Note 2: We don’t provide any premium distribution. 30 Days Drip Feed Submission to Index your All Links Bit Faster – Check My Service Extra


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