1,000 target users




1,000 @target users only

The latest services in marketing strategy!

?Do you suffer from marketing your ad or product
?Do you want to publish your ad faster
?Do you want to target a specific audience, whether your followers or other of a particular
?Do you want to have real and impressions activity on your account?

We always strive to provide the best and latest support and marketing solutions
for your online business

How @targetd comment works!

When you upload new post in your account on Instagram, We will send to thousands of @targeted accounts and let them know about your product or post

Who’re your targeted audiences?

You can target your clients or others specific account or even a custom list to send your post via Direct Message

With us, you will get the most support for your account and be marketing your ad or service with 24h support

What we required to give this great service?

1. Your Instagram post link
2. Targeted account or custom list
3. Minimum order and multiple for each link is 1,000 @targeted comments


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